5 reasons why you should use natural or reusable straws

Earth is a beautiful place to live on, but to make sure our children and grandchildren will get to enjoy this beautiful planet too we have to make some changes. One of the easiest ways to start taking better care for our planet and minimize your ecological footprint is to ban single-use plastics like plastic straws. Imagine a world with clean beaches, clear waters and fresh air where humans and animals are living next to each other with respect. Curious of what you can do to make an impact on the environment without losing any quality of life? We’ve listed 5 reasons why you should use natural single-use straws and/or reusable straws.

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1. Natural straws are an easy replacement for single-use plastic straws

The first reason why you should use natural straws is that they are an easy replacement for plastic single-use straws. It’s important to ban plastic straws because land and sea animals can’t stop eating plastic. One explanation for this is that animals simply mistake plastics for food. For example, plastic can look like tasty fish eggs or a floating jellyfish. Plastics not only look like food to animals; it also feels, smells and even sounds like food. 

Natural straws are an easy replacement for plastic straws, and they are also easily adoptable by big fast-food chains and restaurants all over the world because they are not so expensive to make. Our wheat and reed straws are a perfect replacement for single-use plastic straws because they are 100% biodegradable. If you use a biodegradable straw and it happens to end up on the side of the road, it won’t be harmful to nature and you’ll barely notice the difference compared to a plastic straw.

2. Reusable and natural straws benefit your health 

Besides the fact that plastic straws are bad for the environment, they’re also bad for your health. Plastic straws may contain BPA (Bisphenol A), which can leak into liquids. Especially if the beverage you’re drinking is hot. These chemicals are said to cause obesity, onset puberty and even cancer. With reusable and natural straws, you don’t have to worry about scary chemicals leaking into your beverages any longer! 

3. Stop circulation of “new plastic” by using natural straws

Plastic straws cannot be recycled, which means that every time you accept a plastic straw, a new one has to be made from scratch. If you use natural straws that are biodegradable, this circulation will eventually stop and new straws entering the ocean will become part of the ecosystem. Imagine what will happen if the whole world decided at once, not to accept plastic straws anymore and switch to a product equally convenient but less harmful for the planet. 

4. Natural straws are biodegradable and sustainable straws are recyclable

Most plastic straws are not biodegradable and cannot be broken down naturally into non-toxic materials. They end up being broken into even smaller pieces, releasing chemicals into the soil, air and water. Those chemicals hurt animals, people, plants and the environment when released. Choose to carry your own natural or sustainable straws, don’t accept any plastic straws and educate businesses who are still giving away plastic straws by sharing this blog post with them, for example.

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5. Reusable straws are cheaper than plastic straws 

Reusable and sustainable straws are cheaper than plastic straws because you can use sustainable straws over and over again. By carrying your own sustainable straw, you can start saying no to plastic straws at take-out restaurants, you won’t have to worry about swallowing harmful chemicals, and you have a 100% certainty that the straw you’re using is yours alone. If you don’t want sustainable straws like RVS straws (stainless steel), you can choose to use natural straws that are biodegradable like bamboo. It doesn’t matter what kind of straw you choose. All of our straws are biodegradable or recyclable

Are you ready to buy natural or sustainable straws that will help you minimize your ecological footprint? Check out our natural and sustainable straws. There’s a perfect set of straws for everyone, even you! 


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