Custom Engraved Straws

We offer custom straws for everyone's needs. From retail stores, bar, cafés, to corporate events, weddings and smaller occasions as birthdays, baby showers and more. We are happy to assist. 

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Branded Reusable Straws

For hotels, retail stores, cafés or events, our customized straws are a great way to consciously market your brand. The customized reusable straws emphasize your sustainable brand values and make a distinguished brand statement.

We would love to work together with your company and find the customization option that matches your brand. Our reusable straws can be tailored to fit your needs. Multiple engraving options, dimensions and materials are available along with an engraved logo, slogan or personalized message.  We are happy to partner up with companies who are taking steps towards banning plastic. 

Personalized Wedding Straws

We customize and engrave your straws to suit your wedding dreams. The straws can be used at your wedding reception and/or given to your guests as a mindful wedding gift. Design your own personalized straw, including your initials, unique wedding hashtag, a personalized message or wedding date. We also provide thank you notes. We are happy to work with brides & grooms who want to add a sustainable touch to their special day. 

Personal Events Straws

Want to add a special eco-friendly touch to your personal event? Don't look further. We want all our customers to enjoy our beautiful sustainable straws and make use of customization. From birthday parties, bachelor, bachelorette to babyshowers and gender reveals. We offer low MOQ(minimal order quantity).

Are you looking for disposable straws? Please take a look at our natural single-use wheat and reed straw collection. 

Customized Straws Request Form

Single Engraved Steel straws (different colors options: gold, silver, rosegold, black, rainbow and more)

Single Engraved Bamboo Straws (different size options available)

Engraved Steel straws Sets (cotton/velvet bag, straws, brush)

Engraved Bamboo straws Sets (cottonbag, straws, brush)