Our Materials

Wheat and Reed Straw

Actual straws made of real STRAW

Onze milieuvriendelijke tarwe- en rietstro rietjes zijn klaar om plastic en papieren rietjes te vervangen!

Wheat straws are made of the residual waste of the straw food production. Reed straws are made of the wheat stems and every other part of reed is used for to a product (such as hats, plates, curtains). Nothing is wasted. Wheat and reed are harvested after the season for the whole year. Normally this waste won't be used and is burned. But now we have a beautiful natural new destination for it.

The wheat and reed stems are cut into the required length. After that the straws are sterilized in warm water. In this process there are NO chemicals used. Our straws are completely food-safe and gluten-free. They are SGF, FDA & LFGB certified. 

Our wheat and reed straws are 100% natural products and could vary in diameter. The wheat straws are made by nature between 3-7mm thick. Even though this is a smaller diameter, it's still perfect for almost any type of drink. If you would like a thicker diameter our reed straw material is perfect. Our reed straws are available in 6-8 mm and 9-11 mm thick. These are perfect for every type of drink also thicker drinks like smoothies and milkshakes.



Bamboo is the name for a group of plants that are related to the Gramineae, also known as grasses. They consist of strands that are hollow on the inside and stand upright. Bamboo is known for it’s growth speed, strength and durability. They are distinguished from other grasses by the structure and length of the stems and the very special flowering behavior, bamboo propagates through shoots in the ground.

Our bamboo straws are 100% natural, environmentally friendly and biodegradable. They are therefore the perfect replacement for (bio) plastic straws. At the end of their life you can just put the straws in your compost, they will eventually biodegrade.

Our bamboo straws are 200mm in length. The straws are available in 2 diameter sizes: smoothie (8-10 mm) and regular (6mm). They also can be customized to your wishes.