Hidden Unique Pollution-free Beaches Around The World

When you draw a beach picture, you are most likely to envision a blue sky, crystal clear water, clean sand, and an organized pattern of flowing water. In reality, this is not always the case because of beach pollution. According to the World Economic Forum, around 380 million tonnes of plastic is produced every year around the world and 8 million of it goes into the ocean water as waste material. This is not only harmful to the aquatic lives but it is also causing pollution and harming the atmosphere. Barely any beach or ocean is 100% free of pollution. Blue Marche has been successful in locating a few hidden gems in today’s contaminated world.


Bazaruto Archipelago, Mozambique

Imagine a beautifully clean and transparent place with a cool breeze and chirping birds; what you will imagine is exactly similar to the Bazaruto Archipelago. It is a group of 6 islands that are joined and situated on the coast of Mozambique. The only way to reach this pristine beauty is by boat, which speaks of its cleanliness and pure pollution-free atmosphere. It is very unique to find  a beach so soothing, so calm , surrounded by fresh air and refreshing dim sounds.

Luck Bay, Western Australia

You will hardly find any beach which is still providing a habitat for Kangaroos, arriving at Lucky Bay, Western Australia, this dream of seeing Kangaroos on the beach becomes true. This cool place has powder fine white shiny sand, and the clearest crystal water, both equally refreshing for humans and animals. If you ever visit the place, remember that throwing garbage or anything in the water is a violation here.

Cumberland Island, Georgia, USA

The less-explored Cumberland Island, Georgia is free of a polluted environment and speaks of its uniqueness and distinct nature. People usually admire a place with a peaceful and healthy atmosphere where they can breathe to the fullest, celebrating nature’s blessings upon it. When talking about dust, garbage, and pollution, you will not even find any single piece of waste material here. Maintain the rules and norms of this place, visitors play the role of responsible humans and help to keep the beach more attractive and clean.


Hopefully you get the chance to visit one of these beautiful beaches someday. Remember one thing; nature is protected when the sea life is protected and this is possible when beaches and shores are clean and healthy. Whenever you visit any paradise-like beach, make sure not to throw anything in the water and spread awareness about the importance of pollution-free beaches and oceans.

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